Dragons of Vetulonia

Serena is just a girl who wasn’t really looking forward to her English class. However, she had to attend it regardless. During the class, her mind wandered off to a realm unlike reality. “Serena, are you with us?” As Serena was forced to snap back to reality, she jolted with embarrassment. To avoid the entire situation, she excused herself out of the classroom.
While Serena’s intention was only to find the restroom, she once again followed her intuition. However, the most she expected was an unexplored room but she was in for a surprise – the kind to change her life forever.

The Mage of Rechrea Island

An adventure that continues the saga sending Luca off to a school in the Elfin wilderness of Andalusia (in modern day Germany). Luca is accompanied by two dragons and their riders. Captured by boar trolls and then welcomed by dwarves – this adventure takes Luca to his Great Great Grandfather’s Mage School to learn the craft to save his friend from the evil Roman Mage.