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Cynthia Sutherland

I grew up reading Tolkien’s books and Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Riders of Pern series that influenced the depiction of my first passion – dragons. Being an avid reader of fantasy, I have created my first novel Dragons of Vetulonia inspired on a trip to Italy.

Dragons of Vetulonia

Serena lives with her mother in Italy and one day finds herself cold and alone during her discovery of a tunnel in the wine cellar of her English teacher’s home. She begins to explore her surrounding throughout the day to find food but returns to a boulder sized marble structure to rest. After several hours the stone begins to warm beneath her and she falls into a deep sleep. Suddenly she is thrown backwards from an explosion of fragments and hears an urgent female voice in her head calling her name.

Simultaneously on the Big Island of Hawaii a once in a lifetime event is occurring. Cybele is half Elvin and half human and has been chosen to view the hatching of the Queen dragon’s eggs. Excitement runs through Cybele as she prepares for her journey to the large cavern atop the mountain face that houses the dragons. Approaching the summit, Cybele gasps as a large silver dragon appears overhead and in her excitement she stumbles and then plummets down cliff face. She wakes up to find herself in a cavern full of dragon eggs and hears her name through telepathy urging her to bond.

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A fiction thriller, with an enticing plot to keep readers turning the pages; a Best Seller!

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